The King’s Garden

On Sunday, our family went to the park to meet up with some friends and their children. The adults gathered in a picnic pavilion while the kids ran around the playground.  A veritable smorgasbord of food covered the table.  Pizza, homemade chocolates, strawberries, cheese bread (this doesn’t convey the wonder of this dish.  It was something like dinner rolls stuffed with cheesy goodness), and jugs of cool water.

The gathering looked like a mini United Nations. One of the families is Muslim.  The mother wears a hijab and has a small nose piercing, a look that delightfully blends the traditional and contemporary.  One of the other families comes from Brazil.  Then there was my family, a curious mix of Alaska Native, Irish, and Italian heritage.

The cast of children on the playground was even more diverse. Hispanic, Asian, African American, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Anglo.  If I had to guess, I’d imagine that there were Christians, Muslims, Hindu, and other faiths represented.  Different voices and languages chattered away happily, filling the air with a playful cacophony.

The sun shone down, but a light breeze kept the air cool.

The world is filled with uncertainty. If you follow the news, each day seems fraught.  But sometimes…sometimes I think we are given the briefest glimpse of the Kingdom of God, a peak at the lush tangle of life that makes up the King’s Garden.


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  1. That was a beautiful post Shaun. I read it to the family and we were deeply touched. Have a successful day and will see you tonight.



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